Methiopropamine crystals

Sale for research and reagent use only!
Strictly not for human consumption!

Very rare compound, last stocks.

Form: Clean crystal
Stock: Available

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Price per unit (gr)
1 to 2 (gr)
USD 55.72
3 to 4 (gr)
USD 48.12
5 to 9 (gr)
USD 37.99
10 (gr) and more
USD 30.39
CAS registry number: 1017176-48-5
Purity: +98,4%
Synonyms: MPA, 1-(thiophen-2-yl)-2-methylaminopropane

Methiopropamine is one of the most traditional research chemicals that we sell, and it's popularity has increased markedly over the last six years as an interesting compound for lab research. stock white methiopropamine hydrochloride in the form of crystal, and as one would expect it is of the highest quality available.

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