Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you sending from?
We are sending from two different warehouses: Europe and Asia. You can select one of them when placing your order. Please check Delivery to learn more.

Can I pay on delivery?

Are you send to drop-addresses, PO boxes, etc.?

Why all products are in powder form? I need pills/tablets.
All products listed on are only sale for research use only. Only powder form is suitable for this purpose. We do not stock pills/tablets because that forms are often used for human consumption and not suitable for research/reagent test use. None of the products listed in this website are sale for human consumption.

Can you write a special note on my order?
Yes, we can write any note (Tickets, Invite, etc.) on the letter upon your request, just write your requests to Order notes field when placing your order.

Can I get refund or reship if my order does not arrive to me?
First of all, please be patient and wait at least 21 days. If you did not recieved your order after 21 days, please contact us. Our staff will review your case in a few days.
If your order lost, we will happily make a reship or full refund to you.
* Reship and refund options only available on tracked deliveries, if you have selected a shipping method which do not offer online tracking, we cannot do anything. Please check Shipping page to learn more about shipping methods.

Can I return the purchased items to you?
No, we do not accept returns but if you have a compliant for any reason (underweight item, damaged shipment, etc), please contact us. We will do our best (reship on most cases) to solve your problem.

Is there any limitation for customers?
Yes, we only ship 3 times/month (max) to single delivery addres (Note that, one person can make unlimited orders for different delivery addresses, that means you can send gifts to your friends, even you can re-sell our products.

Do you accept Paypal, Western Union, Moneygram, Amazon Giftcard?

Are you storing the customer information like address, orders, etc.?
We destroy all your information except e-mail address after the order has been furnished.

What do you know about the regulations of these materials?
You are responsible for understand your local regulations of the products you are purchasing, we only monitor our local laws and regulations. We are always working carefully and sending promised items in promised conditions with undetectable parcels.